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Past PWPA president tells international tales


Past PWPA president Linda Espenshade (back, far left), news coordinator for Mennonite Central Committee U.S., spoke to a South Central District lunch gathering in June at Ten Thousand Villages in Ephrata.

Those attending sat in rapt attention as Linda, also a former Lancaster Newspapers staff writer, talked about her travels to such countries as Zambia, Bangladesh, India and Haiti, to write about Mennonite Central Committee’s relief, development and peace work for “A Common Placemagazine,” published by Mennonite Central Committee.

She told riveting tales, including risking arrest when entering Zimbabwe (hint: don’t tell checkpoint officials you’re a writer) and learning the heartbreaking stories of Syrian refugees in Jordan.

On hand were (clockwise, from giraffe) district director Diane Bitting, Kay Stephens, Donna Hudelson and Erin Negley. Also attending, but not pictured, was Laura Knowles.

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