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Excellence in Journalism contest categories and regulations

Check back later for more information about entering the 2019 contest.

One entry only in every category unless otherwise indicated.

Class 1. General News Story Straight, factual report of current news; no feature-type material to be included. No in-depth reports. Sidebars permitted.

Class 2. Sports Story Feature or news. No series. Sidebars permitted.

Class 3. Lifestyles story Restricted to food, fashion, home decorating, gardening. No social issues permitted. Sidebars permitted.

Class 4. Feature or News Feature Story Sidebars permitted.

Class 5. Opinion. This is a newly combined category for Columns and Editorials. Please submit three published columns/editorials.

Class 6. Business or consumer story Feature or news. Sidebars permitted.

Class 7. Series Must be identified as a series. Not eligible are stories written on the same subject as news develops, regular weekly features or profiles. Sidebars permitted.

Class 8. Interviews and profiles No question-and-answer format. Sidebars permitted.

Class 9. Page Design Submit any combination of full pages, with or without ads. Four to six pages will be judged as one body of work.

Class 10. Enterprise or Investigative Report A single story with background, investigative or comprehensive reporting reflecting research and knowledge of subject matter. Sidebars permitted. No series.

Class 11. Health or Science story Sidebars permitted.

Class 12. Education story Feature or News. Sidebars permitted.

Class 13. Travel, arts and entertainment Reviews, stories, profiles, interviews. Sidebars permitted.

Class 14. Headline writing Feature or news. Enter three as one body of work. Include stories.

Class 15. Photography
News, feature photos — maximum of five, from a single assignment or multiple assignments.
Sports photos — maximum of five, from a single assignment or multiple assignments.

Class 16. Video project Submission should include a link to a video that was created as either a supplement to a story or an individual video project. Please submit just the link to the video.

Class 17. Multimedia projects One project can include many components: graphics, video, photos, audio, plus text posted on a newspaper website and linked to a published story. Video-only projects should be submitted in Class 16 only.

Class 18. Religion story Feature or news. Sidebars permitted.

Class 19. Outdoors/Environmental story Feature or News. Sidebars permitted.

Class 20. Rookie Reporter Any three stories written by a reporter who completed three years or less of reporting experience, post-college, the previous year. Any of the three stories may be submitted in one other category. Sidebars permitted.

Class 21. Student Reporter Any three stories written and published by a reporter enrolled in a Pennsylvania college or university, public or private, in the previous year. Sidebars permitted.

Out-of-state judges will be recruited to evaluate the entries, with the following point system: 5 points for first place; 3 points for second place; 2 points for third place and 1 point for honorable mention.

All winners in each category will receive certificates at the PWPA annual awards luncheon during the Pennsylvania Press Conference, hosted by the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association. The entrant with the most points over 10 will be recognized with a Journalist of the Year plaque and a $250 cash award. In case of a tie, duplicate prizes will be awarded. If no one has 10 points, there will be no top winner.

FEES (professional)
For members, the contest entry fee is $10 for one entry, $20 for two entries and $25 for three or more entries. If you are not a member, it is a $125 flat fee. The flat fee also gives the entrant a new one-year membership.

For team entries, each entrant must pay a $10 entry fee and at least one entrant must be a member for the team members to get that rate. Otherwise, each entrant pays the flat fee of $125, which includes unlimited entries and a 2018 PWPA membership. Please fill out a separate entry form for a team entry.

There is no difference in price for those who attended a PWPA event in the previous year.

FEES (college)
College students can enter class 21, Student Reporter, with a portfolio of three stories published in a newspaper or on a news website. The $20 entry fee will cover a one-year student membership and contest fees.

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To promote high standards in journalism; to provide exchange of journalistic trends and experience; to advance in careers in journalism, to coordinate opinion on matters of state and national interest to journalists, in particular, those of women.