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Contest categories and regulations

The time is now!  Submit your entries for PWPA’s 2015 Excellence in Journalism contest.

The contest showcases the best of work published in Pennsylvania newspapers and/or on their websites in 2014.  So dig through your work to find stories, photos and videos about counterfeit sneaker rings, illegal executive sessions, union corruption, misused government vehicles and/or other shenanigans on which you shed light for the public’s benefit.

Please send your work by Saturday, Feb. 21, 2014.

Non-members are invited to enter the contest for a flat fee of $60 per person. That fee also gives the entrant a 2015 membership.  Each active member who attended a PWPA meeting or activity during 2014 will pay $10 for one entry, $20 for two and $25 for three or more.  The fee schedule is the same for first-time members.  Any member who did not attend a meeting or activity in 2014 will pay an additional $25.

We plan to announce the contest winners in April.  Winners will be recognized at our annual awards luncheon May 30 at the 2015 Pennsylvania Press Conference in Gettysburg during Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association weekend.

The top prize of our contest will go to the Journalist of the Year, the man or woman who accumulates the most points from wins. The winner of the $250 cash prize must accumulate more than 10 points.

Contest entrants are asked to submit PDF files of their work via email to  To view detailed instructions, click here:

Payments must be made by check and mailed to: Tory N. Parrish, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, D.L. Clark Building, 3rd Floor, 503 Martindale St., Pittsburgh, PA  15212.

For more information, contact Parrish at or 412-380-5662.

Excellence in Journalism contest categories and regulations

All prizes are awarded during a luncheon at the Pennsylvania Press Conference in May.

One entry only in every category unless otherwise indicated.

Class 1. General News Story Straight, factual report of current news; no feature-type material to be included. No in-depth reports. Sidebars permitted.

Class 2. Sports Story Feature or news. No series. Sidebars permitted.

Class 3. Lifestyles story Restricted to food, fashion, home decorating, gardening. No social issues permitted. Sidebars permitted.

Class 4. Feature or News Feature Story Sidebars permitted.

Class 5. Editorials/Political commentary Three articles to be submitted as one body of work.

Class 6. Columns On any topic other than politics. Must appear on a regular basis (daily, weekly, biweekly). Logos permitted. Three columns required.

Class 7. Business or consumer story Feature or news. Sidebars permitted.

Class 8. Series Must be identified as a series. Not eligible are stories written on the same subject as news develops, regular weekly features or profiles. Sidebars permitted.

Class 9. Interviews and profiles No question-and-answer format. Sidebars permitted.

Class 10. Page Design Submit any combination of full pages, with or without ads. Four to six pages will be judged as one body of work.

Class 11. Enterprise or Investigative Report A single story with background, investigative or comprehensive reporting reflecting research and knowledge of subject matter. Sidebars permitted. No series.

Class 12. Health or Science story Sidebars permitted.

Class 13. Education story Feature or News. Sidebars permitted.

Class 14. Travel, arts and entertainment Reviews, stories, profiles, interviews. Sidebars permitted.

Class 15. Headline writing Feature or news. Enter three as one body of work. Include stories.

Class 16. Photography
A) News, feature photos — maximum of five, from a single assignment or multiple assignments.
B) Sports photos — maximum of five, from a single assignment or multiple assignments.

Class 17. Multimedia projects One project can include many components: graphics, video, photos, audio, plus text posted on a newspaper website and linked to a published story. Submit an active website or URL address, with login and password if behind a paywall.

Class 18. Religion story Feature or news. Sidebars permitted.

Class 19. Outdoors/Environmental story Feature or News. Sidebars permitted.

Class 20. Rookie Reporter Any three stories written by a reporter who completed three years or less of reporting experience, post-college, in 2014. Any of the three stories may be submitted in one other category. Sidebars permitted.

Class 21. Student Reporter Any three stories written and published by a reporter enrolled in a Pennsylvania college or university, public or private, in 2014. Sidebars permitted.

Out-of-state judges will be recruited to evaluate the entries, with the following point system: 5 points for first place; 3 points for second place; 2 points for third place and 1 point for honorable mention.

All winners in each category will receive certificates at the PWPA annual awards luncheon on May 30 in Gettysburg. The entrant with the most points over 10 will be recognized with a Journalist of the Year plaque and a $250 cash award. In case of a tie, duplicate prizes will be awarded. If no one has 10 points, there will be no top winner.

Members of the Pennsylvania Women’s Press Association must pay $10 for one entry, $20 for two entries, and $25 for three or more entries. If the member did not attend a meeting in 2012, they must pay an additional $25. For those who are not members of the association, you may enter unlimited entries for $60.

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PWPA Northeast District Movie Night

The Pennsylvania Women’s Press Association’s Northeast District, in conjunction with the Abington Community Library, will host a movie night on Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013, featuring the film “Shattered Glass.” Members and non-members are welcome! Prior to the film showing, we will discuss the PWPA and accept memberships for 2013. If you have any questions, please email NE District Director Stephanie Longo at Refreshments will be served.

Event page:

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